Issues and Strategies in Dominant-Minority Relations


Create a 2 paragraph essay in APA format. You will be designed a specific source for each paragraph to answer the appropriate questions below. There will be 2 sources in total, each designed to it’s own paragraph. Use in-text citations where necessary. The same set of questions will be used for both sources.

  • Which strategies do you think are most effective for reducing prejudice and discrimination?
  • What other strategies would you suggest?
  • Consider community-level and nationwide strategies, not just individual ones.
  • Address general strategies as well as those that would target the issues presented in the article you just read above.

This is the source for the 1st paragraph of the essay:

This is the source for the 2nd paragraph if the essay: Taking a stance against racism and discrimination [Video file]. (2010). Retrieved December 6, 2017, from… Choose the Films media group video.