ITS3104 SOUTH Building And Managing Secure Internet Applications

Security Report:

The weekly assignment for the course is a comprehensive assignment. You should begin by reviewing the scenario document. Each week, you will complete part of this assignment based on the content covered in the week. You will add new content to the report each week to build a comprehensive security solution for an organization.

You have been hired by this company to suggest ways of securing its technology assets. ABC, Inc. requires you to complete the project and provide detailed recommendations for improving their security in the next five weeks. You will be assigned specific tasks in each of the weeks of this course based on the content covered in the week.

As you complete this assignment, you must also realize the importance of describing the implementation of the solution that you propose and explaining how to verify the solution by providing activities to test the security (such as intentionally using an incorrect password to make sure the system rejects the login attempt).

In this week, review the scenario and analyze the security requirements of the organization. On the basis of your understanding, create a 3- to 4-page report in a Microsoft Word document that includes the following:

  • A paragraph summarizing the problems faced by the organization.
  • A list of top five recommendations for implementing better security in the organization and an explanation of how each of these will benefit the organization. Justify the importance in your ranking.
  • Outcomes for your report, such as what implementing your solution will do for the organization; this should be a preliminary report that will evolve as the weeks progress.

In addition, respond to the following questions in your report:

  • How does an attack like the one suffered by ABC, Inc. impact consumer confidence in its product? Why would the company wish to remain anonymous during this process?
  • Which basic user policies would you put in place to make sure employees cannot access each other’s information?

I have also attached the scenario document