Jeremy Rifkin and Vegan Outreach both argue

Jeremy Rifkin and Vegan Outreach both argue, more or less, that we should extend empathy and rights to animals. While there are similarities in their rhetorical approaches, there are also some interesting differences. Which one is more Rhetorically effective and why? ( introduce both articles shortly in intro, but pick only one of them as main strong rhetorical) to talk about.

1) 3-5 pages essay. intro, 2 body, conclusion. can use quotation from the both articles if you want.

2) Explain ONE similarities in their rhetoricalapproaches

3) identify TWO rhetorical strategies that Vegan Outreach uses that Rifkin does not and explain why they may have used them in their attempts to persuade readers.

4) Explain which argument is more rhetorically effective, and why.

ARTICLES Vegan Outreach… Jeremy Rifkin