Justice through the prism of Realism and Liberalism

The essay

Each student is to choose one of the topics below for a written essay (within first two weeks of classes). The paper is to present briefly the basic aims of this policy to describe its evolution and to touch upon the contemporary challenges faced by it. It should have 3100 words-no more, no less- and have a form of a scholarly paper, with proper referencing and bibliography. For guidance, see, ‘IR Essay Writing Standard’ and Thesis Manual available on student resources (zasoby) under access code: course1.

Paper topic:

  • Examine the idea of justice through the prism of Realism and Liberalism in international relations.

Title page:

The title page should meet the criteria set up in the IRES Essay Writing Standards 2.1 at p.3. as well as Appendix A. on p. 7.

Editing Rules:

  • Margins: 2,5 cm
  • Font: Times New Roman 12
  • Space: 1,5 space between verses
  • Single quotation marks for quotations; italics for book/periodical titles
  • Insert page numbers and staple your paper (but do not use plastic folders to insert your paper; you may use plastic covers if you like)

Plagiarism: Use quotations if needed, but never copy without indicating the source (quotation marks and reference); otherwise, this will be treated as plagiarism. ‘Bad paraphrasing’ will not excuse you. Papers with no references will be rejected. Fore referencing see 2.4 atp.4 of the IRES Essay Writing Standards

Marking scheme: ¼ for background knowledge; ¼ for clarity & consistency in presentation of your argument; 1/4 for fluency of expression (English) and ¼ for editing

Re-sit: A student who fails a paper (mark below 35%) writes a new paper on another topic from this list.

NOTE: A paper with sentences that make no sense will not be accepted; hence, no software for rewording.