Latino Culture In America History Of Latin American Independence

just revising my paper with references

paper 1:

  • Discuss some of the political, economic, and social happenings and challenges faced by a few of the new republics during the nineteenth century.

(You may use parts of Meade, Páez autobiography, Facundo and the Guano Boom. Please note that this question does NOT involve Cuba or Puerto Rico.)

paper 2 :

  • What roles did the U.S.A. and Britain played in the political and economic affairs of Latin America (with the exception of Cuba and Puerto Rico) during the nineteenth and early twentieth century, up to the 1940s. You can choose two countries and elaborate.

(You may use Meade, How did Latin America saved the U.S., the Guano Boom.)

Remember to state an argument, and be specific about what, when, where, who, and the outcome. DO NOT REFER OR ADDRESS BRAZIL.