Lilith 2010

You need to write a 500+ word analysis of some aspect of one of the international films assigned during this module. In doing so, you should demonstrate an understanding of one of the following course competencies.

  • Illustrate how film and society have influenced each other.
  • Validate the potency of film as an aid in discovering, transforming and instilling values in individuals and a culture.
  • Explain the importance of cultural diversity in a global community through films.

In your analysis, you may focus on a theme, the film, or a scene in the film. You will need to incorporate research to support the points you make about culture.

You should post your comments in the discussion board.

Because individuals will be writing about the same films, you will not be able to see your colleague’s contributions to the discussion until you have submitted your own posting.

After you have made your posting, you should post a comment that builds on what one of your colleagues contributed.

Example Using Lilith (2010)

Someone might focus on Adam’s yarmulke while doing an analysis of Lilith. The person might comment that when Adam’s yarmulke falls off (0:41), it foreshadows’ that he will lose his faith. The person might also comment that when Lili takes Adam’s yarmulke off (6:37), she is defiling him more than when she removes his pants (6:19). The individual might conclude that even though Adam does not complete the sexual act with Lili, that he still loses part of his faith; something that is represented by his leaving the men’s room with his yarmulke (6:52) even though he knows that he is not wearing it (6:49). After reading this posting, I might build on the significance of the yarmulke by explaining that Adam’s knit yarmulke places him politically as a National Zionist. I would be sure to cite my source for this information as the Jewish Virtual Library.


LILITH (2010)