Literary Analysis Essay and Other Important Information(Tartuffe)

Literary Essay Topic

Select TWO characters that we have read about so far this term (only one per literary piece). Create an argument based on this essay prompt. Discuss what you read about these characters’ or people’s pursuits of the ideals life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You are only allowed to use your textbook (NO outside sources are allowed). You may use quotes from the text, but do not include more than 20% quotes or summation of a story or situation.

Remember, you want to develop an argument in your introduction that culminates in a strong thesis. You will have main points that support your argument throughout your essay. You might use a quote or a summary of a part of your reading to support a main point, but you want most of your essay to be YOU. You have read these stories, memoirs, proposals, so now you are an expert on this subject. Trust yourself.

Your essay MUST be no fewer than 3.5 pages and no more than 5. Essays will not be graded if they do not meet the minimum or exceed the maximum word count. The assignment is also attached if you would like to print it out.

Part 1

  • Analyze the two characters that you selected. Here are some ideas you might consider.
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
    • Morals and Values
    • Respect for others

Part 2

  • Discuss each character’s pursuit of these 3 ideals?
  • Was he or she successful? Which ones do you believe he or she achieved?
  • Was there an ideal(s) that this character/person just never found?


Please review the following information:

You will have two assignments associated with your literary essay.

Assignment 1– Rough Draft of literary essay is due Monday of Week 7. 50 pts.

  • This assignment will provide an opportunity to ask questions, receive feedback, and assure proper MLA formatting.

Assignment 2– Final version of literary essay is due Monday of Week 8. 200 pts.