Literature – Written Assignment

In the upload below there is one poem and one short story from the course readings. Read these works again with fresh eyes, but be sure that you read them one after the other. For this written assignment, you will compare these two works to broaden your understanding of these two genres.

In a 2-page Word document:

  • Compare the work of poetry vs. the work of fiction. Explain the ways in which these works are alike. For example, both pieces use humor to move the audience. Imagery, themes, and tones may be areas to analyze.
  • Contrast the two works and explain the ways in which these works are different. For example, the setting of the poem is in a different time than the short story. Point-of-view, style, characters, and setting may be areas to analyze.
  • Analyze the approach of each author as well as the content of each piece.
    • How were they the same and how were they different?
  • How effective was the author in his or her approach to the topic of each piece?
  • Reflect on which piece you enjoyed and why you found either the poetry or the fiction more appealing.