Los Angeles Valley College Lifespan Psychology

Critical Thinking

  1. There are a few teratogenic effects during the period of the zygote. Explain why this might be an evolutionary adaptation.
  2. Explain the relationship between thalidomide, a teratogen that was at one time prescribed for morning sickness, and resulted in the birth defects of limbs. That a is, why do “thalidomide babies” specifically have malformations of arms and legs?
  3. We often hear of children of professional athletes who grow up to become superior athletes themselves. Explain how a gene-environment interaction might be passive, active, or evocative in leading the next generation of athletes.
  4. Under the circumstances would it be acceptable to terminate a pregnancy based on sex? Alternatively, as technology progresses, under what circumstances would it be acceptable to choose the sex of a child? What about different traits, such as eye color, intelligence, or artistic ability?
  5. Under what scientific circumstances would you view the age of viability differently than it is currently conceptualized?
  6. ZIFT and GIFT procedures cost more than $10,000, and sometimes up to five times that amount. Under what circumstances (if any) should health insurance or the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) cover the costs? (Remember, it is not “free” money, everyone eventually pays for healthcare for all.)