Making Sense of Strategy


Determinants of national competitive advantage create the national environment in which companies are born and learn how to compete.

Your business tour around industrial city in your country 🙁 Bahrain, Lebanon, Oman, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan) revealed the following:

Many shops, show rooms, restaurants and hotels among other business and industrial premises bear the following sign boards:

  • ‘CLEARANCE SALE’… etc.
  • Factories closed and put on receivership…etc.
  • Many companies closed and relocated to other countries… etc.


1. As a strategy and policy expert, you are required to apply Porter’s model of ‘the diamond of national advantage’ using the four determinants to critically analyze the impact of above scenario on the competitive advantage in Sultanate of Oman. (1000 words)

2. Suggest and critically discuss 4 main strategies together with policies that the government can adopt to enable firms/ business organizations survive in the above environment. (500 words)

*** Words Count = 1500 Words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** MUST include E-library and course materials.

*** I’ve uploaded attachments related to this assignment.