Manned and Unmanned mission to other space

Paper 3

Looking ahead for the next 20 years, should the USA resume manned space missions or push more towards unmanned space exploration? If we go towards manned missions, should we go back to the Moon, go to Mars, or head to some other destination? Consider cost versus scientific results, the probability of death or harm to astronauts, national pride, secondary tech spinoffs , and a multitude of other perspectives. Write for the class and make a clear case for what should be done.

Under no circumstances use blue hyperlinks or cut-and-pasted website addresses on Works Cited page. This stands in as our “MLA Exam”

and all references must exactly match current MLA format, both for in text citation style and the final Works Cited page.

Give full location information when you locate a source, writing it all out longhand. You cannot use“easy bib” or something: gotta do it yourself.

Only exception will be the citations provided by EBSCO directly, but on those, check spacing and indents as you cut and paste into your final draft.

4-6 pages (or more) focus on analysis, not summary (prove things that can be disputed) do be specific:what will we do, funded by what budget, in approximately which year?

do allow for dissent: consider and then refute the opposite position from yours

do use current MLA format,making it correct and perfect and exactly utterly right

do use critics and outside sources to back you up; Paper 3 stands in as our MLA exam, so besides proving your point, it is essential that you demonstrate mastery of academic research and MLA format citation style or else you will not receive a passing grade.and…

write for the class—a well-informed, curious, intelligent audience, which includes Prof. push paragraphs so they’re 10, even 15 sentences long

—see handouts on paragraphs

don’t use the“5 Paragraph Model” (see“ Myths About Writing”PowerPoint)

be hesitant to use the “I” voice very often (see the handout on how to use “I” well)

do remember to give your essay a good title (see handout on titles)

do alphabetize your Works Cited page by author’s last name

do use hanging indents (line 2 of a citation goes“ in” from regular margin)

•do not number the individual entries your Works Cited page

do not use blue hyperlinks on your Works Cited page or give web addresses (www. etc.)