MAR4355 Module 03 Course Project Client Website Redesign Report


In this phase of the project, you will examine the reports generated by Google Analytics Web analytics service, and then develop a report on the redesign of the client’s Web site or of a page of the client’s Web site.

This is a two part assignment. Each section can be combined into a single document that can be submitted.

In a 3 – 4 page paper, address the following:

Part One: (3 – 4 page paper)

  • Define the goal of the redesign.
    • For example, you may define generation of more leads, reduction of the bounce rate, or increasing the conversion rate as a goal for the redesign.
  • Based on the data available through Google Analytics Web analytics service, recommend metrics that should be considered by the client for the redesign.
  • Recommend a minimum of five corresponding changes for the client’s Web site or a specific Web page of the client’s Web site.
  • Support your statements with appropriate examples and references.

Part Two: (1 – 3 page paper)

Google Analytics Web analytics service allows users to create various reporting structures based on the data that they are looking for.

Choose four reports generated by Google Analytics Web analytics service. Using the readings for this week, the Google Analytics website, and the Internet to address the following in a 1 – 3 page paper:

  • Explain why you chose to utilize the selected reports.
  • Examine the benefits and drawbacks of the selected reports.
  • Develop a scenario illustrating the opportunities and drawbacks of how each of the selected reports might impact current performance of the web site.
  • Provide potential edits to the selected reports
  • Provide appropriate examples and scholarly references that substantiate the benefits and drawbacks that you listed for these reports.