Marijuana May Alleviate America’s Opioid Crisis, English homework help

you have been provided with three well-written articles. You will select one of the articles to read and analyze, and provide an article of your choice to include in your analysis.

To begin this discussion, read the following articles:

Select one of the above articles and one of your own to analyze. In your initial response to the discussion, first identify the two articles you’ve chosen to analyze/discuss, and then answer the following questions.

  • Who is the intended (or target) audience?
  • What is the main point or argument (the thesis statement) the author makes in the article? What conclusions does the author make?
  • What evidence or information from other sources is included in order to support the author’s thesis statement? Is the evidence a fact about something or a measurement of something that has actually occurred? Are specific data or measurements presented? If so, what are they?
  • How convincing is the information from other sources included in the article? Why?
  • What is at least one counterargument a person could make in response to the article’s thesis statement?
  • Does the evidence or information used have an identified source (a specific person, organization, publication, website, journal, or book)? If authorities are cited, what credentials do they have? Do you think the sources are credible? Why or why not?