Math 2418: Linear Algebra

Exam 1 is available on MyMathLab until 11:59 PM on 2/26. As you take the exam on MyMathLab, ensure you write the written work on paper that has your full name, student id, date and page number on the top right of every page. Any page without the above information will receive a grade of zero. Ensure all work is legible and well organized. If a problem begins without a question number on the left margin, it will receive a grade of zero. You will have 110 minutes to complete the exam on MyMathLab. If for any reason, you exit out of MyMathLab, the exam will not reopen again. You have one attempt to take the exam. The handwritten document must be scanned and uploaded in E-Campus within 30 minutes of completing the exam on MyMathLab and by 12:30 AM on 2/27. To do this, you do not need access to a scanner if you have access to a smart phone. You can download free apps like Cam Scamnner or Genius Scan and then take pictures of the individual pages and scan them all together into a single pdf file by using any of these apps. Please ensure you scan the entire completed document as a sinlge pdf file, if you send in multiple files, only the first is used for grading. This is a graded activity. Incomplete work or work that is not legible or organized will result in a reduced score. Also, credit is based on the correctness of the written work. You have two chances to upload your document. If you find after uploading the first time that the file is not in the correct format, you can upload a second time. Only the last submission will be used for grading. To submit the document, please click on “Exam Submission” on the left panel and then click on “Exam 1” at the top of the page, and under Assignment Submission, click on “Browse my computer” to choose the file to upload.