McCabe Center Comprehensive Programs and Resiliency Paper

As a human service professional, it is important to understand the benefits of a comprehensive program in the community. Although research demonstrates the benefits of this type of intervention, it is also necessary to understand the advantages and disadvantages of offering these types of services.

Use McCabe Center or if you can find another place like McCabe Center. (Long-term residential treatment (substance abuse and others) ) I live in York, NE there also maybe a center in Lincoln or Kearney

Part 1

Discuss both the short-term and long-term benefits of comprehensive community intervention programs.

Part 2

Identify advantages and disadvantages for both clients and communities in utilizing comprehensive community programs to treat children and families.

Part 3

Using the information from Part 1 and 2, choose one disadvantage that could impact either the short-term or long-term benefit of a comprehensive program in the community. Analyze how you would address this issue. Evaluate how children and families may be impacted by this disadvantage and how communities can respond to your chosen issue.

This paper should be 4-6 pages (not including the cover page and reference page). It should be formatted in APA style. Your paper should include a minimum of three academic peer reviewed journal articles in addition to your textbook. Be sure to provide in-text citations and references for all information in this paper. For additional writing help, visit the Writing Center and review the guidelines for research, citation, and plagiarism.

Please read Chapter 5 in your textbook Resilience in Children, Families, and Communities. This chapter discusses the benefit of a comprehensive program and explores how it can address individual client needs. The “Triad of Services” is introduced as well as different methods for the delivery of services. Finally, advantages and disadvantages are explored for this type of program.