Media Reaction-Milgram and Stanford Exp

Some of the themes you can explore for this analysis/reaction paper we addressed in class and some we did not have the time to get to.

How a situation can control someone, instead of the person controlling it.

Power, who has it, why and how it can corrupt.

Obedience to authority- why do we conform and obey as we do?

Why do we need to rebel against certain statuses? What happens when we never do?

Group solidarity and social cohesion, when does it work and for whom? When does it fall apart and why?

How do we dehumanize, what is responsible for being dehumanizing, and what are the consequences? How does low morale play a part?

The dangers of groupthink or too much solidarity.

Influence of media on weak minded, which can influence them to do atrocious things.

The fine line between deviant and hero?

How do leaders become tyrants?

Ethical issues of the experiment… and many more.

Remember to explain how YOU saw the film and then analyze one or two of the above as the experiment examples it and then how it can affect society at large.

Make sure you have an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Please type 12 pt font Times New Roman, double spaced, 1″ margins. about 2 pages is probably going to be the average length.