Medication For Heart Related Conditions Pharmacology Essay Help


  • For each of the following medications discuss mechanism of action, causes and consequences of noncompliance, and possible solutions for noncompliance.
    • Lasix
    • beta blockers
    • diltiazem
    • digoxin

Professional Development. Each essay-answer should and contain at least one scholarly source other than the textbook.

  • Choose four medications that might be used for the treatment of heart failure. Discuss the pathophysiologic mechanism of action for each medication, along with side effects and interactions. What are the consequences of noncompliance with treatment regimens and what patient education is needed?
  • In commercials for inhalers containing salmeterol, there is often a warning that it can increase the risk of asthma-related death. Why is this true and how does it happen? Why is this warning heard in commercials for all medications containing salmeterol? What patient education is necessary when prescribing salmeterol inhalers?