MGT 599 General Mills – CSR Discussion Response

Please respond to the following in 150 words. Use 2 references.

I believe one of the factors that stood out to me about General Mills is its engagement in corporate social responsibility and the community. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the business’s efforts in identifying and trying to reduce its carbon footprints (“Corporate,” n.d.). Businesses may see improvements in its public image, its employee engagement, and its relationship with its shareholders by engaging in CSR (Lindgreen & Swaen, 2010; “Why Corporate,” n.d.). Findings from Lindgreen & Swaen (2010) suggests a positive relationship between stakeholders’ engagement and a business’s efforts in engaging in CSR. General Mills’ priorities and progress page, highlights many of its efforts and results in CSR (“Responsibility,” n.d.). From its efforts in maintaining food safety in all of its facilities, to its efforts in reducing its carbon footprints, to its generous donations to local communities, to providing opportunities to advance its employees, General Mills prides itself in its efforts to engage in CSR (“Responsibility,” n.d.). I believe this constant effort to be sustainable and engage in advancing its employees and communities makes General Mills a very attractive company to invest in. Furthermore, findings from Homburg, Stierl, & Bornemann (2013) suggests CSR increases customers’ trust, thereby increasing the business’s brand. As General Mills continues to engage in CSR, I believe it is separating itself from similar companies within the market and the it is making strides towards strengthening its relationship with its stakeholders.