MGT355 CTU Business And Cultural Practices In Brazil

The following assignment will be written about Brazil!!!!

Assignment Description

You will choose one country for the focus of all IPs. This will be the host country in which you hope to do business.

Each individual project (IP) requires a minimum of three references with corresponding in-text citations.

Each IPs will be 3-4 pages using APA formatting. The title and references page do not count towards the total page count.

IP submissions should be in word format.

Individual Project #4: Business and General Culture Report

Report Guidelines

Content Format – Choose 8 total topics to write about. Choose at least one topic from each of the six sections below and respond with at least one full paragraph (5 sentences) to each. The remaining two topics can include any from below or others you think are important to review. The intent of this assignment is for you to understand key cultural facts and conditions, both now and in the past, that are relevant to business.

Food, Drink and Meals

Are there any local foods that are significantly different from what you are used to eating at home, either in what they contain or how they are made? An example might be kimchee in Korea, truffles in Italy, head cheese in Poland, peanut sauce in Nigeria, or bohobe (sour goat’s milk poured over cooked meat in Botswana).

What are the customs and expectations about trying unfamiliar foods?

Is the consumption of small or moderate amounts of alcohol customary with meals or in social situations? If so, what kinds of alcohol is likely to be offered?

How does one toast or offer compliments to one’s host? What is appropriate to include in the toast and what is off limits?


How do locals (men and women) dress under a variety of situations? Is the dress code in social situations or upon visiting the host’s home formal or informal?

What colors, patterns, and styles are considered appropriate for expatriate visitors? Will you be expected to conform to local styles?

Greetings, Gift Giving and Holidays

What are the normal greeting practices within the host country for business meetings? (handshakes, bows, business cards, who gets greeted first, what information is exchanged, no-no’s)

Are gifts given and, if so, under what circumstances? If a gift is given, what guidelines should be followed (value, content, materials, to whom, when, etc.)?

What are the important holidays during which time the ability to do business is affected (such as the week between Christmas and New Year’s in the US)?

Bribery and Corruption

To what extent is bribery an accepted business practice in your host country? If it is an acceptable practice in your host country, how will you manage this practice?

How does your host country rank on Transparency International’s Corruption Index? What does this ranking indicate?

Hofstede’s Dimensions

Reviewing Hofstede’s Dimensions from pg. 48 and other resources, what are two of the major differences between a person from the US and one from your host country, and how could that make a difference in business?

Verbal and Nonverbal Communications

What is the predominant language and will English be spoken a little or predominantly at your business? Will you need to employ an interpreter?

Are there any hand gestures that you need to be familiar with, such as ones that have a positive meaning in the US but a negative or rude meaning in the host country?