Q1. The concept of “diaspora” suggests the spread or scattering of a specific population or race of people to different and far-flung places throughout the world. Africans in diasporas started in the 15th Century as the result of European slave trade and continued to this day. For the purpose of this question, focus on the movement of Africans from the period of decolonization in the 1960s till today:

  • Discuss the factors that have pushed Africans to migrate to other countries especially to the Europe and North America.
  • How has this migration affected development in Africa?
  • What has been the gains derived from diasporaism?

Q2. Many people, blame Africans for the lack of socio-economic development in Africa. Africans in turn blame the Europeans for under-development in Africa. Africans argue that they started their journey of independence with many nation-building challenges that have left these countries unstable and underdeveloped. Discuss the challenges Africans have faced since they gained independence from colonial rule?

Q3. Considering the economic impact of colonialism and continuous dependence of African countries on the former colonial European countries for trade, rather than intra-Africa trade, the African Union has encouraged the formation of Regional Economic Integrations in Africa. (i) Define the concept of Regional Economic Integration; (ii) how would economic integration improve trade and economic development in Africa; (iii) how would the Trans-African highways (map attached) facilitate economic integration?

Q4. Think about globalization , especially as it affects Africa: (i) define globalization—support your definition with samples; (ii) The common argument is that globalization is both positive and negative? Discuss the two sides of globalization

Q5. Assuming you are invited by the President of any African country to discuss the future of Africa—looking back and looking forward. This President wants to find a solution to political instability in his country. What would be your recommendations to stem the tide of political instability in an African Country, e.g. DRC?


* One paragraph for each questions with 100 words or less not accept more than 100 words

* your answer by your own word and your opinion