MLA Formating

For this assignment You will revise the attached document and format it to MLA Style the instruction are as follows:

  1. Assignment:The essay in the link below contains a five paragraph essay that has been combined into one paragraph. All formatting, including paragraph breaks, have been eliminated. Your assignment is to do the following:1. download this paper by clicking on the attached paper
  2. 2. open the document
  3. 3. separate the text into the appropriate paragraphs, introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion
  4. 4. use the MLA format information in the MLA handout and format the paper in MLA style.
  5. 5. save the paper as a Word Document
  6. Important: Content Changes:You are required to change the heading information to your information. For example, the student’s name in the essay is Sally Student. You are not Sally Student, so you need to change the name to your name. Don’t forget to update the pagination, date, etc.Do not change the content of the essay, including the title of the essay.Note: This lesson has two goals, which are to test your ability to read, understand, and follow instructions AND your ability to correctly execute MLA format. Both of these goals are vital to your success in this class.

change heading information to Master Muhammad

Professor Wilson

Master Muhammad

English 101