MLA formatted Annotated Bibliography t

  1. Create an MLA formatted Annotated Bibliography that lists and annotates FIVE (5) scholarly and/or critical articleson the film you are writing about.
    • 1-2 of the 5 sources should be scholarly articles on the film
    • 1-2 of the 5 sources should be articles that discuss the American Dream in general but they must to be relevant to Dream’s portrayal in your film
    • 1 of the 5 sources may be credible film reviews or articles relevant to themes examined in the film.
    • You will also cite your film, but that will not be counted as one of your required five sources and will not need an annotation.

Submit the Annotated Bibliography in your GROUP FORUM to share with your peers.

NOTE: You may NOT have more than TWO film reviews. The other three sources must be scholarly articles. In addition, select your sources carefully to be sure they are credible!

My professor will evaluate this assignment to see if the chosen citations are pertinent, if they are in the correct MLA formatting, and if the annotations demonstrate effective critical research evaluation. (50 points for annotated bibliography–10 points per annotated source).

You can see samples form other students .