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Moral Dilemma according to Kohlberg Moral Development - Freshman Essays

Moral Dilemma according to Kohlberg Moral Development

Whether you realize it or not, you make moral decisions every day. When driving, do you always stay under the posted speed limit? If your restaurant server forgets to charge you for an item, do you point that out? Perhaps your response to these questions was, “It depends on the situation.” In most dilemmas, there are multiple factors that are evaluated when making decisions. For this Discussion, you will examine theories of moral development.

To prepare

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources related to Kohlberg’s moral development theory.
  • Consider the following scenario:

Tony has his final paper due in class tomorrow. He has finished collecting all the information and references he needs and is ready to write the paper. The grades on his assignments have not been very high and Tony needs a good grade on his final paper to pass the course. Just as he is preparing to begin writing, Tony receives a phone call from his mother. She fell and is in the emergency room with a badly broken leg that might need surgery. She is frightened and wants Tony to be with her in the hospital; he is the only family member who lives nearby. Tony wants to be with her, but he knows that if he goes he will not be able to finish his paper in time. He has heard that students can buy pre-written papers online and begins to consider this.

By Day 4

Based on the scenario, explain the moral dilemma in light of Kohlberg’s theory and posit how Tony might decide to resolve his dilemma. Explain how the reasoning behind the decision might be different if following Gilligan’s or another moral development perspective and why. Compare the reasoning behind what Tony might do if he were in high school versus if he were in college.