Music Appreciation Writting Assinment

1. What is the significance of “humanism” on the art and music of the Renaissance Period? Explain what humanism is and how it affected the art and music from the period. Give an example of art (sculpture, painting, etc.) and a musical piece that we studied to support your answer. (the music we studied is attached below Byrad and Downland)

2. Choose a piece of music we studied from the Baroque Period . Describe three ways that the piece of music you chose exhibits the culture and general musical style of the period. (the music we studied is attached below MONTEVERDI and HANDEL)

3. Explain how our modern artistic and musical culture (music of today) is influenced by the styles of the musical periods we have studied. Find at least one specific cultural, artistic, or musical influence from three of the periods we have studied (choose from: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque) and explain how this influence is reflected in our modern musical culture. Be detailed and specific in your answer (give examples).