Mysteries of Mankind

How and why do scholars argue that Africa is the home of the earliest humans? What is the Historical significance of this contention.

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  1. The relationship, relevance and importance of the different disciplines: History, Archaeology, Anthropology and Paleontology.
  1. Early Human species – Hominids / Homo erectus – Upright walking humans who first populated the savannah country of Africa. Homo erectus was the first human specie to hunt and to leave Africa for foreign lands.
  1. Homo Erectus (an early human Specie who was dark in complexion, nature’s protection against the sun), and were the first of the early human species to leave Africa for China, Java, Southern Europe and other parts of the world. Homo Erectus were the first of the early species to hunt and use sophisticated tools; these tools are the first evidence of human culture.
  1. Through a demonstration using and involving a mechanical Leopard and living monkeys, it is believed that early humans were intelligent enough to defend themselves against predators by using natural weapons; sticks and pieces of wood.
  1. Raymond Dart, a South African Anatomist and his discovery, in South African, of skull and bone fragments of what has subsequently been called the “South African or Rhodesian man.” These findings in 1924 was a scientific breakthrough and helped to shift the focus of early human fossil research from Asia, particularly China and Indonesia, to Africa.

1.The dating techniques used by scientists to ascertain the actual age of a fossil. Carbon 14 dating technology is involved.