N450 MNState Module 6 Applied Pathophysiology Interpreting ABGs

  • Interpret the ABGs for each of the 8 patients listed below.
    • 5 points each patient (40 points total)
      • 1 point – compensated or uncompensated?
      • 1 point – respiratory or metabolic?
      • 1 point – acidosis or alkalosis?
      • 1 point – cause*
      • 1 point – treatment*

*You should be able to address the cause & treatment by using the readings assigned for this module. For example: You have a patient who has metabolic alkalosis because of vomiting. The cause is vomiting. What would the treatment be? You could treat the cause of the nausea and try to prevent the nausea that is causing the patient to vomit. Or you could replace with fluid.

Upload your completed file to the Module 6 Interpreting ABGs Assignment submission folder