Natural Beauty Line of Products Discussion

• Develop 2 page outline of a new company you will form

•provide the assignment as bullet points • You may confer with colleague(s), but not if colleague(s) is/are working on the same company • Should include each of the aspects listed on next 2 slides

it should include ALL the following aspects:

1. One-liner – (Company name & what the company is and does)

2. Market the company addresses (Target market, market size & growth/change)(with source of info); value proposition

3. Competition

4. Technology (Outline what it is (or will be) & state of development, What needs to happen to get to the point of sales)

5. Protection (What hinders competitors from replicating 6. Business Model, What you will sell & how)

7. Team (5 (or so) key people (or skill/experience areas)

8. Personal Motivation (Why you are (or are not) enthused to make happen)

Be as creative as you want, and PLEASE submit it on time