Nature vs. Nurture

Nature vs. Nurture: Scientists, psychologists, anthropologists and others have long debated which is more influential in making us who we are: nature (that is, the genetic qualities we inherit and are born with) or nurture (the environment in which we are raised). Which do you think has the greater role in shaping us? Why?

Paper Appearance:

This essay will be a compare and contrast essay (introduction with thesis statement, 3 paragraph body, and a conclusion). The thesis statement needs to compare and contrast nature and nurture but ultimately decide which plays a greater role in shaping us. The first paragraph needs to compare nature and nurture and the second paragraph needs to contrast nature and nurture. The third paragraph answers the thesis statement and the main question, which plays a greater role in shaping us.

The paper length is 3 pages, (750-1250 words).

Reference page should include 3 sources (peer reviewed articles) from google scholar. Please use peer reviewed articles and please include the reference in the essay where the article was used.