need help with 4 page essay

Refer to homework guidelines before writing your paper. The reading for this week is by

John Hospers: “The Libertarian Manifesto.”

1. Describe the ontology and political theory of Thomas Hobbes. What ontological quality did John Locke add, and how did he modify Liberal political theory from Hobbes (I didn’t make it 100% clear that Locke also made Liberal theory democratic, which is a big one!! Liberalism is now synonymous with democracy)? Personal reactions to Liberal theory (you are welcome to discuss religion/spirituality if that’s important to you)? 5 points.

2. Summarize and/or react to the Hospers’ reading. What are your views on Libertarianism? Agree, disagree, not sure? Why/why not? Once again, present actual arguments for your opinions! If you agree with Hospers, pick out what you believe to be his strongest arguments and then address at least one possible counterargument (what might a social conservative or fiscally liberal person take issue with his stance?) and explain why Hospers still has the upper hand logically/ethically. Do the opposite if you disagree with his views. How do you think a Libertarian approaches multicultural issues? 5 points