needs to demonstrate your understanding of the chapter concepts

After reading your assigned chapters (5 Ch 7, 8, 12) prepare a written response to three of the following questions. Then reflect upon all the reading during this unit and share something new you learned from your reading. Your one- to two-page response needs to demonstrate your understanding of the chapter concepts. As you construct your answer, consider your area of specialization.

1. In each of the three situations below, information enters a student’s memory system. For each situation, use the dual-store model of memory to: (1) identify the lastcomponent of memory in which the event has been stored, and (2) explain how you arrived at your conclusion.

Thursday night, Jennifer studies for a test on Friday morning. She remembers the material quite accurately on Tuesday and gets an A on the test. When she takes a review test three months later, however, she can no longer remember that same material.

Justin is trying to learn information in his textbook. His eyes are focused on the words in front of him, but he is thinking about the fishing trip he has planned for the weekend.

After her French teacher says, “Merci beaucoup,” Josephine repeats the phrase, then she immediately turns to talk to her friend.

2. Distinguish among the sensory register, working memory, and long-term memory in terms of the following:

The form(s) in which information tends to be stored
Describe relevant research to support your statements.

3. Students’ prior knowledge about a topic often influences their ability to learn something new about the topic. Explain how students’ prior knowledge is involved in each of the following long-term memory storage processes:

Meaningful learning
Visual imagery

4. As a teacher, you want your classroom assessments to help students learn class subject matter more effectively. With the textbook’s discussion of classroom assessment practices in mind, describe three strategies you can use to help your assessments become valuable learning tools for your students.

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Please be sure to format APA

Ormrod, J. E. (2016). Human learning. (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

Within the body of the document, you will cite as follows: (Ormrod, 2016)