New york state part 2

I wrote a paper 9 pages about new york state that was part one now part 2 is due so i will give you the instructions of part 2 . Also i will attached part 1 what i wrote and I don’t want you to do the same mistakes as i did in part 1 . Also because you need to use some information from it

Write part 2 about new york state and follow the instructions in the attachment . I need good quality for sources also do not put just a link in the footnotes you need to write from where you get the information and and the title of the work please explain about the internet group which interst group put effort, which one is the powerful one like these things .

See the instructions then after you take the question i will send you part one so you can see and use from it information.

For the first part A. Policy problems i did some of it so i will send you that as weel