Nursing Executive Summary

Discuss: Your Executive Summary draft

This forum will support you to share a draft of your executive summary using the guidelines provided in a video, and then provide feedback on each other’s drafts.

Please watch the following video (also under Week 6 content). It reviews some of the principles and strategies in writing an executive summary.

Then post a draft of your executive summary for your final report to this forum by Thursday, Feb. 21st. This might be a rough draft of your executive summary. The purpose of this discussion topic is to get you started in thinking through your executive summary. Another goal of this discussion topic is to allow your fellow students to see the topic on which you are writing your report and the possible conclusions you might have come up with.

Please note that your executive summary might change throughout this week leading up to the submission of the draft of your report on Sunday.

Reply to at least one peer in this forum by Sunday, offering him/her tips on ways to improve their executive summary, as well as noting to him/her what was done well.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure that you follow the Executive Summary format described in the video.