On-Line Ostracism Article Critique Case Assignment

Below is the article to critique

Abrams, D., Weick, M., Thomas, D., Colbe, H., & Franklin, K. M. (2011). On-line ostracism affects children differently from adolescents and adults. British Journal Of Developmental Psychology, 29(1), 110-123. Retrieved from EBSCO multi-search database in TUW library.

The Case Assignment requires that you write a 5-6 critique of the above research article. (A critique is a detailed analysis – not a recap or summary of the article.) This critique is to incorporate the topics we have covered thus far. Topics to consider include clarity and justification of the research question or goal, adequacy of the sample, possible bias, threats, reliability and validity. Give specific examples when discussing the issues and explain your concerns. Also include any strengths you observe.