one essay provide a well argued response using evidence to back your position, using the outline given

In a cogent answer discuss the events that led to the American Revolution. Was the battle cry of “liberty” based On economic, political, intellectual opposed to taxation and virtual representation by parliament? Was it the reaction of an energy mob (“ordinary” colonists”) that put pressure On elite class reluctant to wage war? Was it rooted in a deeper cause and linked to notions of English liberties, anlightenment ideas, and the great awakening? Was it an organized revolt or simply a misguided, unorganized protest movement that went too far by a handful of colonists overreacting to a few unfortunate events? and finally, was it a worthy cause considering that only one-third of the colonists( patriots) supported it and that it marginalized certain groups of Americans ( salves, women, and native Americans)? USE THE OUTLINE GIVEN PLEASE NO OUTSIDE SOURCES ! Times new roman pt 12