one paragraph analysis, chicago/turabian style, footnotes required, US history by openstax chapter 22,word document

The assignment is to write one paragraph historical analysis, instructions and the question is in the attached files (overview file). Attached is the specific instructions as to how to answer to this question should look like (file named overview). Also attached is another document with more instructions on how writing essays is expected in this class. Please note the specific writing style required (thesis statement is key and has to be relative) and citation is very crucial (footnotes must have) and please only use the references provided, no google or any other sources whatsoever. There is a list of other approved sources provided if needed. Prompt/Question: The United States had three choices in deciding how to control a territory in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In some cases they colonized outright, in others they brought the area into the United States as a territory, and in some instances they set up hegemonic controls over an area. What do you think accounts for these different responses? Give specific examples to back up your reasoning