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Paper Proposal - Freshman Essays

Paper Proposal

course: Domestic Life Italy (Renaissance 15-17th centuries)

A two page proposal presenting the problem(s) to be investigated, specific examples to be examined, research methods to be employed, and any preliminary arguments that may be made. Add to your proposal a one-page outline and a working 1 page bibliography.

Here are some paper topics that you can choose from:

document/obo-9780195399301/obo-9780195399301-0032.xml?rskey=S0uHB6&result=208&q=Renaissancerskey=3IAfZ5&result=28&q=Renaissance+Italy#firstMatch and – women and education – letter writing and epistolary culture and – jewish culture in renaissance italy – environment and the natural world

Formulate your research topic. Bibliography, footnotes, citations format is Chicago (Chicago Manual of Style).

(Is your research going to be object based? Or is it more about social history or theory? What is your approach? What are the main questions for the research?)

Let me know if you have any questions. Attached a few readings that could serve as a sourse. Sources should be academic. If you need acces to JSTOR, let me know, i ll give you my login and password.

I suggest medicine and health during the Renaissance in Italy theme, there is a lot of sources on that. Don’t forget to formulate the topic