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When considering clinical advancement in the nursing field there is some question as to which direction a nurse should choose. Looking at the differences between achieving a DNP or a PhD there are several things to consider. Both are termed terminal degrees, marking superior knowledge in the field of nursing. The DNP follows a more clinical role in nursing practice and the PhD displays a specialty in research. Both are achieved from either a BSN bridge program or through a MSN degree. Many nurses since the Affordable Care Act have chosen an advanced degree path and the larger percentage chose the DNP, leading to a more hands on patient care practice.

If I were choosing between the two options, my choice would be to pursue the DNP. I enjoy bedside medicine and patient care. I feel my strengths are geared towards treating healthcare issues at the base level which is at the bedside. I feel the engagement between patient and provider is where I am the strongest and could continue to remain most effective in that role.

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