Paralanguage Metamessages and Transactional Analysis (TA)

we learn that there are instances when our verbal messages are not congruent with our nonverbal messages. Sometimes, our paralanguage belies our verbal content. We also learn about ego states. The ego state we choose plays a significant role in our presentation style. The ego state of our audience also plays an important role in how our presentation is received.

In your discussion post, address the following:

  • Share examples when you have been exposed to incongruent messages and how you felt at those times. Describe specific situations that you recall and describe changes that you would make using the technical jargon of the chapters.
  • Discuss what ego state you normally speak in and if you need to adapt it more frequently in specific situations.

By understanding these common problems and deploying strategies to overcome them, you can become a more powerful communicator.

**Please remember that you need two outside sources to support your discussion. These sources should not be your classroom textbooks, although feel free to cite your textbooks as an additional source!