Parkinson disease

Read the following scenario:

You are working with Marie, a 63 year old female who was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. She is complaining of symptoms of anxiety. She has two adult children, a son who lives 20 miles away and a daughter who lives in the same city but works 40 to 50 hours a week. Maries receives a small widow’s pension and has Medicare to assist with her medical cost. Medicare covers some of her prescription costs, but not all. Some of her anti-Parkinson drugs are expensive. Marie reports that she is lonely. She looks forward to Sunday services where she is able to socialize with peers.

Given this information, consider the Ecosystems Model discussed in this module’s’s module.

Would you use an Ecosystems approach in helping Marie or do you think that a Bio/Psycho/Social model would be more appropriate? Explain and defend your rationale for your theoretical choice. Be specific. Give examples.