PHI103 Ashford Ideas Of Habit Athenian Democracy & Development Of Logic

This quiz is relating to John Dewey’s ideas of habit from his book The Essential Dewey Volume 2, and this week’s readings on the development of Logic. These readings would be 1. The Evolution of Reason and 2. The Discovery of Logic. Feel free to also consult any other sources on the internet and so forth, but the answers can be found within the provided readings. Here are the four questions that should be answered. Answers should be at least one paragraph each.

Attached is John Dewey’s book, in addition to the Logic readings for this week. I MUST receive a good grade, and this MUST be done on time. Otherwise, I will have to ask for a refund. PLEASE ASK ANY QUESTIONS THAT YOU MAY HAVE.

1. Explain the connection between Athenian democracy, and the development of logic.

2. Explain reducibility. What would have to be true of theory A and theory B, to be able to reduce theory A into theory B?

3. Explain the difference between logic being discovered and logic evolving.

4. If you were to consider logic to be a Deweyan habit of thought, how would you describe it’s development?