Philosophical religion arguments

INSTRUCTIONS: “For this assignment you must write three arguments and each argument you develop should fill at least the equivalent of a page of double-spaced typing. But some people have had a hard time identifying ‘main claims’ from the course that one might argue for or against.” We were meant to create 6 arguments in total but the first half were due on another date that I have already completed and the last half are now due on December 5th. I’ll include the 3 arguments I have already done, to avoid repetition.

MY CLAIM: For my argument, the main claim I have chosen is similar to #6 from the list; “The claims of the world’s religions are compatible with each other (i. e., could all be true together)”. The claim I want to do is the similarities shared between major religions that lead to the same supreme being. Although I am strongly against the claim because of how different each religion is from one another; their gods, the different religious practices, and their different histories lead me to believe that they are in fact incompatible with one another but in this argument, I will argue from the opposing side.


1) They all believe in a higher power

2) They essentially all have the same values and practices

3) The differences in religions could be accounted for by the various perceptions of individuals.

So the points above cannot be used because they have already been used in the three arguments I have done. APA citation is preferred.