Philosophy Discussions Create three arguments and post them for the class

Create three arguments and post them for the class (Do not label them.). Arguments can take any number of deductive or inductive forms, but it is stipulated that each argument must use exactly two premises. Next, peers will judge first whether one another’s arguments are deductive or inductive, and then also judge the good-making features of each argument, that is, whether or not they are valid, sound, strong and/or cogent. Here are some examples: 1. All firemen wear blue uniforms. Josh is a fireman. Therefore, Josh wears a blue uniform.

2.The school’s buses are yellow. My school has a buses. Therefore, my school’s buses are yellow.

3.All cats have green eyes. Dee has a cat. Therefore, Dee’s cat has green eyes

Here is another example:

1.) Michio Kaku is a Physicist. All physicist are brilliant. Therefore, Kaku is brilliant

2.) All dogs bark. Cooper is a dog. Therefore, Cooper barks.

3.) If Ryan doesn’t stop drinking, he’ll become an alcoholic. Ryan won’t stop drinking. Therefore, Ryan will become an alcoholic.