Pitch For a Product

A reminder: the final project will take the form of a short “pitch” for a satiric cultural

production (the pitch should take no more than 10 minutes, leaving 2 minutes or so for


For the purposes of the presentation, I will be acting as CEO of OmniMedia Inc., an

enormous media corporation that is looking to expand its satiric offerings. Since

OmniMedia is active in all branches of media, the CEO is willing to listen to pitches for

new television shows, YouTube channels, novels, radio programs, podcasts, video games,

music, etc. You will be making the pitch to me, not to the class.

There are two parts to your presentation: the oral “pitch” itself, where you explain your

imaginary product and why you decided on it; and the introduction of a sample/object to

accompany the pitch – this could range from a film clip to a storyboard poster to an

animated “sample” of a video game.

In terms of the pitch itself, there are various things you should touch on, beyond the basic

summary of your product: what is your target audience? Why do you think this will be

popular/profitable cultural product? What are some similar products that have influenced

you? Why is it important that this product have a satirical angle?

Some examples of presentations by other groups in earlier version of this class:

A TV sketch show, somewhat equivalent to SNL, but aiming at a more right-

wing/conservative audience.

Sample/object: a film clip satirizing Venezuelan holiday resorts. [Note: this was

before the situation in Venezuela shifted from “shaky” to “tragic.”]

A young adult book series that satirized hyper-violent fantasy series such as “Game of

Thrones.” In this series, the characters were hyper-polite, etc.

Sample/object: piece of merchandise produced on a 3d printer.

A podcast that subtly satirized “freakonomics”-type examinations of various topics, with

the twist that the presenters always gradually entered into “Modest Proposal”-type

territory. (example: the burgeoning high-end popsicle business was examined, gradually

implying that manufacturers could add various illicit substances to appeal to new markets

not traditionally associated with high popsicle purchase rates).

Sample/object: audio clip

A movie that focused on the people who had to clean up all the damage caused by an

Avengers-type superhero group during their battles against evil.

Sample/object: posters showing art and storyboard