Plastic Pollution – Environmental issue Persuasive Speech and PPT

In a five to six-minute presentation (10 slides powerpoint include cover page and reference page and around 500 words script) , you will need to persuade the audience of a call to action on a topic. Choose and research a current topic that you feel constitutes a problem warranting collective action for its resolution. You should provide a well-rounded, evidence-based argument. You will need to establish the issue (tell the audience why it is important) and provide steps that people can take to help solve the issue. While your topic must be potentially important to your audience, it can be global or local in scope. In either case, your speech should be organized via the problem-solution design or the motivated sequence design (Professional Speaking, p. 298-300; Revel 14.4). Focus your best evidence (making reference to at least 3 specific, appropriate sources) on establishing the significance and “real life” implications of your problems, and the efficacy of your proposed solutions. Beyond telling us what needs to be done, be specific on clarifying how your audience can actually “get involved” and take action.

Browse this list of topics for possible ideas to turn into a persuasive speech topic.… If you click on a topic, it will take you to an explanation of the topic that includes a link to a New York Times article about the topic. (These articles can count as one of your sources for your presentation.) Keep in mind, there topics are not written as persuasive topics. They are meant to give you ideas to turn into a persuasive speech topic.

Make a powerpoint and write a script of each slide. Please send me the answer of following questions by the end of the day and send me the formal outline with details by this Sunday.

  • One sentence with the topic of your persuasive speech: What are you persuading the audience of?
  • One reference in APA format for a source you will use in preparing your presentation