play experience

Chapter 9 in your text discusses a continuum of adult roles in supporting play – from un-involved to directing or taking control of children’s play.

  • Share play experiences you have facilitated and the role you played.


  • Share experiences in which you were the person playing and someone else filled a faciitator role.

Discuss the following:

  • At least 2 different roles you filled or observed during play.
  • What were positive aspects of those roles in those play circumstances?
  • What challenges did you encounter in or with those roles?
  • What other choices might also have been appropriate or effective?
  • What role feels most comfortable for you?
  • At which role would you like to gain skill?
  • Play, Development and Early Education by James E. Johnson, James F. Christie, and Francis Wardle (Boston, MA: Pearson Education, 2005)is the source