Please answer the following discussion questions below


Refer to the Gender Issues/Sexism readings as you develop your responses: Introduction (pp. 317-323), #61 (pp. 329-334), #62 (pp. 334-339), #64 (pp. 342-346) and #74 (pp. 365-367).

1. Gender roles exist in a dichotomous fashion. Please explain gender roles further, and explain how the concept of gender identity is different.

2. What fears are identified in the idea of homophobia? What are the ultimate results of these fears?

3. The book suggests that men and women cannot control whether they participate in the oppressive system of patriarchy. Provide one original example of how you can continue to perpetuate the system of patriarchy and one original example of how you can challenge the system of patriarchy.

4. According to the book, to address the violence against women, what topics need to be the focus of our conversations?