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Throughout history, both scientists and non-scientists have struggled with the concept of mind. It has been a constant source of bewilderment whether the mind is in fact a dimension of the brain, or whether these two entities are separate. René Descartes (1596-1650) believed that the nonmaterial mind intervened in the operations of the brain. Material monists insist that the brain is a machine, and its operation accounts for mind. Dualists, on the contrary, took their stand with Descartes and insisted that a two-way interaction operated between mind and brain.

Part A. Are the mind and the brain the same, or are they different entities that interact. Pick a side of the issue to support, using your textbook and/or non-course references. Briefly support your choice. 1.25 points

Are the mind and the brain the same, or are they different entities Mark____/1

Reason for choice Mark____/1

Textbook reference Mark____/1

Non-course reference Mark____/1

Report (0.25 points: Writing style, Grammar, Spelling) Mark____/1

Total Mark____/5

Mind and Brain
The mind and brain are different entities. The reasons for my choice fall under Dualism….(REFERENCE)

Reasons for choice
I believe the Mind and Brain are different entities because … (REFERENCE)

Have someone proof read your Report (0.25 points: Writing style, Grammar, Spelling; Respectful and professional)

NON- COURSE REFERENCE (referenced in my arguments above)