The Project: Write a paper (5 page minimum) based on your original sociological research.

The Context: The Sociology of Sport Journal has announced a special student issue devoted to the topic: AWhat a Student Can Learn about the Sociology of Sport from an Interview.@ You are preparing your project for submission to the journal.


A.What is this paper about? What single concept will be your focus?

B.How does your textbook define or explain this concept?

C.How do you define, refine, elaborate, or question this concept?

D.Are there any social questions or social dimensions of this concept that lend themselves to this interview?

E.Why/how did you select your interview subject?

II.Personal Profile

A.General Considerations

Write the personal profile as a biographical narrative that characterizes an individual as it highlights or emphasizes the social factors, memberships, and identities that shape this individual.

B.Suggested Specific Sections

1.Physical description (one paragraph that characterizes the physical self)

2.Identity (use pseudonym to protect person=s identity)

3.Social identity (does the person use specific names or terms to identify the self)


(include relevant ethnic background of as many ancestors as you can. Do combinations of ancestry matter? Is a particular ancestry dominant and/or important?)

5.Place of birth (is this related to ancestry?)

6.Residence (s)

Here you are interested in significance of places lived in

7.Occupation (s)


9.Memberships in informal groups or formal organizations

10.Important experiences

11.Special skills, interests, accomplishments


13.Character (one paragraph that conveys what makes this person tick)

III.The Interview

A.Two sessions required. Initial and follow up.

B.Describe the setting and circumstances of the interviews.

C.Present the interview in question and answer format.

1.Use the actual words of the person.

2.Edit only for redundancies and irrelevancies

D.Include at least four areas of questioning

1.For each area there should be one general question and at least one related specific question.

2.Suggested area categories

a.A social issue

b.An individual who represents or reflects a group

c.A social relationship

d.A social judgment

IV.Analysis of Interview

A.Does the interview reveal any recurrent categories, themes or topics with social significance? Explain why or why not.

B.Can you relate any patterns in the interview to the personal profile? Explain.

C.Are your person=s responses representative of group or individual values?

D.Are there any special social meanings or issues present in this interview?

E.In what ways does this interview clarify or illuminate any meanings or issues related to the designated concept and the sociology of sport?


A.If you were going to continue this study by preparing a survey of a group or the groups to which your person belongs, what questions would you like to have answered?

B.In general what did this project teach you about the individual, society, or sports?