Plot Analysis: Prepare a plot analysis of both Medea and Hedda Gabler.

Plot Analysis: the scripts of the 2 plays are attached. please do not use sources out of the scripts.

Prepare a plot analysis of both Medea and Hedda Gabler. Your plot analysis should include the


1. Exposition: characters, setting, given circumstances

2. Inciting incident: Determine what event sets the plot in motion towards the climax of the play.

– Inciting incident for Medea is when the king gave her 1 day so she can

3. Rising action: Briefly trace the plot from the point of attack. List the events, in order, that build from the inciting incident to the climax.

4. Climax: Find the turning point or the moment of reversal or revelation.

5. Falling action: Briefly list the events following the climax that lead to the play’s resolution

6. Resolution: Determine the outcome. After the climax, what happens to the protagonist and to the rest of the characters? Are their lives different at the end of the story? What is the new stasis?

These components may be in prose or bullet form, however, you should use clear and specific examples. When possible, connect plot events to specific lines of text-for example, at what exact moment does the inciting incident or climax occur?