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Policies of housing restrictions in China - Freshman Essays

Policies of housing restrictions in China

Conduct a 900 to 1000 words stakeholder analysis of Housing restriction in Chinaby following requirements: 1.Repeat the problem statement and outline in general terms your proposed solution in one or two sentence 2.Conduct your boundary analysis again and highlight why those institutions will be involved. FOCUS ON 3. Determine the stakeholders that will likely be affected (in government, civil society, political system) and identify their: 1.Interest on this issue 2.Likely positions (pro/con)3.Power (weak/strong)4.Formal and informal arenas in which their power is exercised(Don’t forget under-organized supporters or opponents) 4. Explain the context: 1.Level of consensus around a recognition of the problem 2.Level of consensus around the proposed solution 3.Timing of the policy initiative (how long is it expected to take and how it fits into budgetary/policy cycles)4.Politics and dynamics surrounding it (including if there are upcoming elections or a time of economic/political crisis or change)5.Level of organization of opponents and supporters 6.How stakeholders will be affected. 5. Sketch out how you propose the “message” (proposal) 6. Summarize how you propose to consult with different stakeholders and your strategy for them: 1.How you will address the opponents of reform (cooptation, isolation, outflanking) 2.Consult and mobilize those in favor (including giving them a role in implementations) 3.Organize, mobilize and/or educate supporters that may not be readily organized. 7. Explain how this process will take place over the course of the initial roll out and implementation of the policy change in two or three sentence.

“House restriction in China” is the problem definition memo I write. Read that paper and write stakeholder analysis

And the other file is stakeholder analysis’s sample

Those are the idea I think stakeholder:Stakeholders related to the issue include the government, the central bank, local government authorities, sellers on the housing market, and customers of different kinds. Policies that restrict housing purchases divide customers into different groups and consider their marital status, the number of children, nationality, local residential record, and the number of apartments owned. Among these customers, investors who regard the market as promising are especially influential. In order to discourage them from investing in the market in excessive amounts, local government authorities are now proceeding with the measures discussed above.